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Mophie rolls out iPhone battery packs that charge by a Lightning cable

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For now, they’re exclusive to the Apple site and Apple stores

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Mophie, a best-selling manufacturer of stylish battery cases, just announced a range of battery packs specifically built for use with different iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and AirPods.

Its new Powerstation battery packs all charge via Apple’s Lightning connector — meaning the cord you use to charge your phone is the same one that charges the battery, cutting down on wires and making your bag a little more streamlined.


Each Powerstation includes an LED power indicator and offers anywhere between 20 to 70 hours of extra battery life, depending on the power pack you choose. Broadly, the packs have two different models. The first model is a typical battery pack that powers your phone and charges via Lightning cable. The second model comes with a built-in Lightning cable for powering the phone (but not the battery). Both come in two different sizes, with the smaller models at $60 and $80 and the larger models at $100.

These are some of the first accessories we’re seeing that charge with a Lightning port, rather than Micro USB. As we’ve pointed out before, this extra convenience can come with a pretty hefty price tag — and Mophie is no exception to this trend. These latest battery packs are between $20 to $40 more expensive than comparable Powerstation models that take a USB connection.