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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is starting to leak out

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

The first images of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 have started to leak, and they suggest the phone might have a better fingerprint sensor placement this time around. Evan Blass of VentureBeat tweeted an image yesterday of the rumored phone and its new S Pen. You’ll immediately notice that the fingerprint sensor is placed below the camera module, unlike last year’s device, which placed it directly next to it. That was bad.

An earlier leak of super grainy photos showed off the same device. Please note the “do not leak” sticker on the phone. We love a rebel here.

Image: SamMobile
Image: SamMobile

The phone doesn’t look much different than last year’s model, apart from that fingerprint sensor and new camera housing. A FCC filing suggests that one of the big selling points will be the S Pen because it’ll be Bluetooth-enabled. We’re not sure what that might allow the pen to do, but some people have suggested it could be used for music playback or as a tracker.

Samsung’s planning to unveil the phone on August 9th, so we’ll learn more then.