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Fujifilm’s XF10 is a small compact camera with a big sensor

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Fujifilm has announced the XF10, a new fixed-lens compact camera that will serve as the successor to 2016’s X70. Like the X70, it pairs an 18.5mm (28mm-equivalent) f/2.8 lens with a large APS-C sensor in a small, pocketable body. The XF10 ups the resolution to 24 megapixels and is capable of 4K video (albeit only at 15 frames per second). There’s still a touchscreen, but the XF10 also now has the focus point selection joystick as seen on other Fujifilm cameras. The weight has been cut from 340g (0.75lbs) to 280g (0.62lbs).

The XF10 isn’t quite a straight upgrade to the X70, however, and owners of the older camera may miss several features on the newer model. There’s no tilt screen, flash hotshoe, or aperture ring on the XF10, and the control scheme is entirely different. The XF10 uses a PASM dial rather than dedicated controls for each exposure parameter, and the rear D-pad has been removed — like the X-E3, the emphasis is on touchscreen operation.


Fujifilm is pushing the new “square mode” on the XF10, which lets users flick the screen to switch to a 1:1 aspect ratio for Instagram-ready shots. The camera also has Bluetooth Low Energy support for automatic image transfer to a smartphone.

This isn’t really a camera for X-series purists, then — Fujifilm seems to be banking on the existence of a market for premium compact cameras that you’d use instead of your phone. The XF10 will be available in August for a pretty reasonable $499.95, and it comes in black or champagne gold.