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Wyze’s $20 connected security camera now supports Amazon Alexa

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The bargain camera gets better

Wyze Labs, Inc.

The $20 Wyze Cam security camera may not be the best option out there for a connected home security device, but it’s certainly the cheapest. And now it’s getting even more useful with an update that adds support for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, via TechCrunch.

The new functionality is only available on the second-gen version of the Wyze Cam and the slightly pricier Wyze Cam Pan, but once you’ve updated the Alexa app, you’ll be able to use Amazon’s voice assistant to view live feeds with your Echo device on connected Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Fire TV devices, just like you can with Amazon’s own Cloud Cam (which costs $120, but is still The Verge’s top pick for the best indoor security camera.)

Still, if you’re looking to put together a home security setup on the cheap, it’s tough to beat the Wyze Cam’s price.