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Samsung just trademarked a... magnetic beetle?

Samsung just trademarked a... magnetic beetle?


From the company that brought you Bixby

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Photo by Sean O’Kane / The Verge

Samsung is no stranger to odd product names — just look at Milk Music, the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, or Bixby (a dog that wears shoes and is also a butler). But despite the worthy competition, Samsung may have trademarked its oddest name yet: “Magbee.” The trademark application describes Magbee as “a magnetic beetle” and “a wireless speaker dial.”

There’s also a logo mark depicting what definitely looks like a beetle. What Magbee actually is — or what the consumer product could eventually become — is anyone’s guess. The specific logo above is registered for wireless audio speakers and soundbar speakers in Samsung’s filing. There’s also some speculation that the Magbee might be the name of Samsung’s upcoming Bixby-equipped smart speaker, though it’s hard to understand how that relates to a magnetic beetle in any capacity.

Samsung has also filed for a far more generic trademark on the Magbee name, covering almost every product that Samsung makes, including VR headsets, routers, computers, projectors, smart watches, speakers, cameras, headphones, and cellphones.

We likely won’t have long to wait before we have a better idea of Samsung’s plans for Magbee. Between the upcoming Note 9 event on August 9th and the IFA trade show in Berlin next month, there’s ample opportunity for Samsung’s magnetic beetle to make an appearance.