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Samsung accidentally leaks new Galaxy Watch product on its website

Samsung accidentally leaks new Galaxy Watch product on its website


A possible rebranding of its smartwatch line

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Samsung Gear S2 3G

It seems as if Samsung just leaked its next smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch, on its US retail website, as first reported by CNET’s Scott Stein. The model was a 42mm rose gold version, and it looks quite a lot like a Gear S3 Classic, which is not too much of a surprise. But it does match up with rumors last week that Samsung would be abandoning its numeric naming scheme in favor of the new Galaxy Watch brand.

There was no pricing or release date information revealed on the listing, so we don’t have much else to go on. But chances are the new Galaxy Watch line will run the latest version of Samsung’s Tizen software and come with some sort of Bixby integration. Shortly after CNET publicized the accidental leak, Samsung pulled the listing from its site.

If you’re interested in getting a closer look at the product, Samsung still hasn’t scrubbed the listing from the “Related Products” portion of its retail website. So head on over to any Gear S2 listing, like this one, and you can find the new Galaxy Watch below. Clicking on the listing will take you to a “Page Not Found” error, but you’ll still be able to inspect the rose gold version of the new product from the previous page.

Update 7/23, 2:23PM ET: Added screenshot from Samsung’s website.