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Fitbit releases new wristbands for its Versa smartwatch

Fitbit releases new wristbands for its Versa smartwatch


They still look a whole lot like an Apple Watch though

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Fitbit is unveiling a series of fashion-forward wristbands to go with their Versa smartwatch. The knitted wristbands in their PH5 collection, which were made in a partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, “blend traditional knitwear with a futuristic aesthetic in three original styles,” according to the company. Each knit style, either striped, ribbed, or metallic, is available in two color choices for $39.95 each.

The product, as we’ve reported previously, is still a dead ringer for an Apple Watch — mostly due to the rounded square-ish shape and reduced bezels, which are both a far cry from the design of Fitbit’s first smartwatch, the severe and angular Iconic.

It looks like taking a page out of Apple’s design book boosted Fitbit’s smartwatch sales — while the Iconic’s sales stagnated, the Versa’s sleek display made it a hit in the market, and the company celebrated 1 million units sold this past June. Maybe offering these new wristbands will give consumers a way to distinguish between the two brands.