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Kasa Smart’s new outdoor security cam and smart Wi-Fi plug are available for preorder

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Similar to the competition

Image: Kasa Smart

TP-Link’s consumer smart home brand, Kasa Smart, is launching preorders today for its two upcoming smart home products, the Kasa Cam and a smart Wi-Fi plug with two outlets. Both smart home devices integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, while the Wi-Fi plug also supports Microsoft Cortana.

The Kasa Cam Outdoor’s main feature is based on what TP-Link calls “activity zones.” You can set a specific area and field of view where motion should be detected, while ignoring the surrounding area (like a gate between bushes). Similar to competing smart home cameras from Logitech, Canary, and others, the Kasa Cam can also ignore “micro second events” to avoid false positives, like insects flying past the camera lens or quickly moving cars.

Downloaded video from the Kasa Cam is stored in full 1080p HD via the Kasa Smart cloud for up to two days for up to three cameras. If you need longer storage, 14-day and 30-day subscription plans are available. The Kasa Cam will retail for $139.

Image: Kasa Smart

On the flip side, if you want to better control the electricity in your home, the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi plug can turn any “dumb” appliance smart by allowing you to schedule devices to turn on / off. It’s compatible with the Kasa Home app or voice commands from Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Microsoft Cortana, and it retails for $39.