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Tech21’s Pixelbook case will stop you from losing your stylus

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It looks nice, but someone explain to me where $90 comes from

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Photo: Tech21

If you’re spending a ton of money — too much, in the eyes of some — for the best Chromebook in the world, why not burn nearly $100 more for a protective case to go with it? We’re at the point where Pixelbook 2 rumors are starting to pop up, but that hasn’t stopped Tech21 from making a $90 case for the first-generation model. The company says its Evo Adapt offers “a dual-layer design and bulletproof materials” that “ensure your Pixelbook is well covered.”

Those materials are TPU / plastic and microfiber (presumably on the interior side to prevent scratches on your Pixelbook). Tech21 also says this laptop accessory contains “BulletShield,” which is “a totally transparent, ultra efficient impact absorbing material that’s actually used in bullet proof glass.” In reality, that’s just a gimmicky way of saying that it can probably take a few bumps or even a minor drop without totally wrecking the Pixelbook inside. But bulletproof? Nay.

Photo: Tech21

Still, this looks like one of the better Pixelbook cases out there — and for $89.95 it’d damn well better be. It remains on your Pixelbook all the time, like Tech21’s other snap-on cases for MacBooks. Incase also sells this style of laptop protection, but for a little less money. And I’ve never considered Incase to be a discount brand, so... this thing sure is expensive.

The case works both in the Pixelbook’s regular laptop position and also when the keyboard is folded back into tablet mode. In that scenario, the way the case folds provides an angled stand for the screen, like so:

Photo: Tech21

The long slot on the side for Google’s Pixelbook Pen seems a lot more secure and better than the free “pen loop” Google will give you for holding its $99 stylus. It shouldn’t wobble around with this case. The USB-C ports also remain fully accessible at all times.

I know I’ve hammered on this thing’s ridiculous price, but you know what? It seems better and more useful than the Google-made Pixelbook Sleeve, which costs an even more mind-boggling $100.

Between Google wanting $100 for a microfiber case and Apple selling super-expensive leather MacBook sleeves that don’t let you easily charge the laptops they’re covering, is it me or are companies seriously dropping the ball on this stuff?