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Circuit Breaker

Some Apple users think T2 chips may be causing problems on 2018 MacBook Pro and iMac Pro computers

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

After the dual-controversies the MacBook Pro has been involved in — the redesigned keyboard and thermal throttling — some Apple users are on high alert for other potential problems. One that has begun cropping is the possibility that the T2 chip that enables things like secure boot, better encrypted storage, and “Hey Siri” support on the iMac Pro and the new MacBook Pros could be causing kernel panics.

As spotted by Steve Troughton-Smith and a report from Digital Trends, there are several threads pointing to kernel panics: on Apple’s community discussion forums, MacRumors forums, and elsewhere. It seems that most of the problems are rooted in Bridge OS, the embedded operating system used by the T2 chip, although it’s not entirely clear whether the chip is directly causing the problems or how widespread the problems even actually are.

The issue doesn’t appear to be widespread, although the company has recently released a supplemental update for Mac OS on the MacBook Pro.

Going through the various forum threads, affected users have reported trying solutions like wiping their hard drives and reinstalling macOS, restoring from Time Machine backups, avoiding peripheral use, exchanging their computers, and more to no avail, which is leading to speculation that the problem is more deeply rooted in the system.

Update July 25, 6:34 pm: Updated post based on additional information and clarified the scope and origin of user complaints.