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Samsung’s advertising big batteries again, just two years after the Note 7 debacle

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Samsung’s expected to announce its Galaxy Note 9 in a couple weeks, and it seems the company is fully ready to get back into the big battery business. A teaser for the phone (embedded above) flaunts a new, larger battery. Some rumors suggest it could have a capacity of 4,000mAh, making it the largest battery ever built into a Note device. That’s a significant upgrade over last year’s phone and even the doomed Note 7 from 2016.

The Note 7 included a 3,500mAh battery, and that device ended up being recalled after many devices spontaneously exploded or caught fire. US airlines also began banning the device from all flights citing safety issues. After spending the rest of 2016 apologizing, Samsung then retreated in its quest for a larger battery the following year with the Note 8, which featured a smaller 3,300mAh capacity.

It looks as if this time, the company is seemingly confident enough to not only include a large battery in its new phone, but also sell it as a key feature. Given the incremental upgrades between the Galaxy S8 and S9, Samsung needs the new Note to be seen as more than just an Galaxy S9+ with a stylus, and differentiating with its battery size is one way to achieve that vision.