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Amazon’s next Echo Dot reportedly revealed in leaked photos

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Amazon hasn’t released a new Echo Dot speaker since September 2016, but newly leaked photos appear to depict a third-generation model that could be released within the next couple months. The images, reported on by AFTVnews and first published by French publications Numerama and FrAndroid, reveal that Amazon is making some significant design changes to its most affordable Alexa device.

With the third-gen Echo Dot, it looks like Amazon will ditch the glossy black plastic and flat top of the current model for a more rounded, softer appearance. And there's fabric running around the side, which gives it an aesthetic that’s similar to the latest Echo and one that’s also very close to Google’s Home Mini. The signature round LED is still there (but not illuminated in either of the leaked shots), as are the same four physical buttons up top.

If these images are accurate, Amazon’s next Echo Dot will have a more rounded design with fabric running around the side.
Photo: Numerama / FrAndroid

Going by the Amiibo figure on top, AFTVnews estimates that the new Dot would be slightly larger than the second-generation product, which is said to be because Amazon wants to improve audio quality — just as it did with its last update of the flagship Echo speaker.

Amazon’s Echo-related hardware announcements tend to happen in September, which would give the company a bit of a head start versus whatever Google might have planned for its Home lineup in October. Would better audio (keeping expectations in check for the size of this thing) and a nicer appearance be enough for you to upgrade your Dot?

Google’s Home Mini.
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge