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Does this little green dot mean a new AirPods case is imminent?

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Now with a charging status indicator

Image: Apple

Apple released a fresh beta version of iOS 12 today, and with it came an apparent look at the next AirPods case, as first spotted by 9to5Mac. We had an idea this case was coming at some point and that it would likely include a charge status indicator light on the outside. The case might also support wireless charging, and we’re probably going to hear about it during Apple’s annual fall hardware event, so prepare yourself accordingly. Now, get ready for a zoom.

Here is the newest image:

Image: Apple

Notice anything different? Maybe you aren’t looking closely enough.

Image: Apple

Now you’re seeing it, right? That green little dot that also appears in a brown shade in Apple’s image, which could mean the case is low on battery or currently being charged. But just in case you still aren’t getting it:

Image: Apple

Behold the green dot and what might be Apple’s new AirPods charging case. It looks a lot like the old one, except, you know, with a green light.