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Huawei’s TalkBand B5 leak confirms the company is still trying to fit a Bluetooth headset into a watch

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Third time’s the charm?

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Image: Evan Blass / Twitter

Pictures of Huawei’s upcoming TalkBand B5 have leaked, confirming that once again, the company is trying to sell folks on the concept pioneered with the original TalkBand B1 back in 2014: a wearable that combines smart watch features with a pop-out Bluetooth headset in a single device.

The leak, via the ever reliable Evan Blass on Twitter, doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming device. But given that the previous model, the TalkBand B3, was released back in 2016, presumably Huawei has made some improvements on the device, even if the design appears to be virtually identical at first glance.

But as fun as the idea of the Bluetooth-headset-storing watches are, it’s a more recent patent from Huawei that could offer a much more interesting spin on where this kind of product could go next: a smartwatch that stores a pair of truly wireless earbuds. Unfortunately, unlike the TalkBand B5, that idea is still just a patent, but with Huawei still clearly interested in the concept, it could just be a matter of time before that idea becomes a real product, too.