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Sennheiser wants you to slap a giant wireless mic on your kids to record precious moments

Sennheiser wants you to slap a giant wireless mic on your kids to record precious moments

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Image: Sennheiser

As the rise of ASMR videos indicates, it’s becoming more apparent that good audio is as important as what we see on screens. Sennheiser’s new Memory Mic is an interesting concept designed for the smartphone videographer. The mic attaches magnetically to your clothes and can record up to four hours of audio at any distance from your phone. The audio is synced via Bluetooth to a companion video app, in which you can mix both audio recorded by the mic and ambient noise picked up by your smartphone. When you’re done using it, it charges via a USB-C cable, which takes a little over an hour to get to full charge.

The Memory Mic is most likely geared toward families and parents who want to capture special moments in their child’s lives. Unlike Google Clips, which uses AI to automatically capture these moments, the Memory Mic requires some degree of preplanning. Imagine mic’ing up your kid every time they’re about to do something worth recording. The psychological pressure on the kid to perform would be immense! Sennheiser’s example use cases outline a parent recording their child’s school recital or their first bike ride, as shown in this saccharine promo video below.

Also, I have to point out that this thing is huge. I’m predisposed to automatically think about privacy violations when I first saw the words “wireless mic.” But then I saw the actual product, and there’s actually no way you could miss this huge white chunk of plastic attached to your child’s lapel.

Overall, the Memory Mic seems like a good idea for anyone who’s looking to improve the quality of their home videos through better audio. The only downside is that it costs $200. But how much are memories worth?