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Fitbit’s Charge 3 might include a full touchscreen and new smartwatch-like features

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Image: Android Authority

Fitbit’s rumored Charge 3 fitness band might include some upgrades taken directly from the company’s smartwatch work. Android Authority says it received leaked images of the device that show off the wearable’s new touchscreen display and physical redesign. That new display, which used to only be tap-enabled, would be able to handle some smartwatch features, like Quick Reply, which allows users to send messages when they receive a call or text. The feature is already available on Fitbit’s Ionic and Versa watches and would likely only work with Android devices. The Charge 3 might also be swim-proof and water resistant, according to the report.

Android Authority also reported that Fitbit will launch a “special edition” model that’ll include an NFC chip for making payments over Fitbit Pay. Similar to the Charge 2, the new model won’t include a built-in GPS; instead, it will require a paired smartphone for exercise tracking.

Image: Android Authority

Fitbit has primarily focused on its smartwatches over the past year, but it seems the company is getting ready to upgrade its classic wearables. The company just announced its latest earnings and said that those smartwatches accounted for 55 percent of revenue, although CEO James Park said he expects the traditional trackers to sell well because of health care initiatives and trackers for kids. The company launched its first kid-friendly tracker earlier this year. The Charge 2 came out in 2016, so it definitely could use a refresh.