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Android Pie is coming to eight Motorola phones

Android Pie is coming to eight Motorola phones


No pie for you, Moto G5

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Android Pie, the latest OS from Google which was previously limited to Pixel phones and the Essential phone, is arriving on Moto phones. Motorola announced yesterday that the updates will hit eight phones sometime this fall.

Notably missing from the lineup is the Moto E5, which launched earlier this year, and the Moto G5, a pretty great phone from last year. That means E5 and G5 owners are missing out on the latest Android Pie features like system-level gesture controls (though Motorola has its own), expanded AI smarts, improved notifications, and more. Android Pie is Google’s most conscious effort to reduce notification overload and help users develop better relationships with their phones, so hopefully it’ll start rolling out to more phones soon. The full list of Moto phones set to receive it is below: