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Hug your old Mac with these retro pillows

Hug your old Mac with these retro pillows


Nostalgia has never looked so warm and fuzzy

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We all love our computers a lot (most of the time). But what if you could give your favorite gadget an actual hug? That’s where pillow company Throwboy comes in, with a Kickstarter for its lineup of “Iconic” gadget pillows that look oddly similar to some of Apple’s most famous products over the years.

Throwboy is extremely careful to never mention the words “Apple,” “Mac,” or “iPhone” anywhere on its Kickstarter page, but the pillows are unmistakable to anyone who’s ever interacted with an Apple product. The line of five pillows are instead just dubbed as the 1977 pillow (Apple II), 1984 pillow (the original Macintosh), 1998 pillow (iMac), 2001 pillow (iPod), and 2007 pillow (iPhone).

The pillows themselves look like pretty adorable versions of the classic gadgets, with plenty of fun detail work for the ports, logos, buttons, and vents — although for my money, the Macintosh and iMac ones are the clear winners here.

This isn’t Throwboy’s first dip into the geeky pillow industry (if that’s a thing), either — the company was first started ten years ago by founder Roberto Hoyos making pillows shaped like icons on the OS X dock, before later expanding into emoji pillows.

The Throwboy pillows are available on Kickstarter for $39 with an estimated delivery date of February 2019, with discounted bundles for buying multiple pillows. As always, though, use your own best judgement before backing — adorable as it may be, it’s still a crowdfunding campaign.