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Samsung’s dual wireless charger leaks a week early at Amazon event

Samsung’s dual wireless charger leaks a week early at Amazon event

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Samsung is holding an event next week to announce the Galaxy Note 9 and some accessories to go along with it. But last night, Amazon seems to have put one of those accessories on display for everyone to see — not on its website, but at a physical location in New York where the company was holding a holiday preview event for the media.

Gizmodo spotted Samsung’s unannounced but heavily rumored dual wireless charger on display at the event. The device has two charging spots, one propped up for displaying the screen of a phone, and a flat one, which would be a better fit for something like a smartwatch. This charger isn’t the first of its kind — Samsung already sells a wireless charger with two charging pads — but it stands out by including a single propped-up charging pad, rather than two flat ones.

It’ll likely support fast charging for any current device

The charger is powered by USB-C, and it looks like it’ll be capable of delivering more than enough output to support any current fast charging standard. Based on the label Gizmodo photographed, it could be capable of delivering 12W from both chargers; that’d be plenty, since Samsung’s existing fast charging speed — already the highest out there — caps out at 9W.

Samsung’s new charger has leaked out extensively — though never quite this clearly — over the past week. It actually went up for sale early in Russia, where someone photographed it being sold for about $110 USD. The packaging showed that the product was called the Wireless Charger Duo. Presumably, we’ll get the full details alongside the Note 9 announcement on August 9th.