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Samsung accidentally leaks another look at the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung accidentally leaks another look at the Galaxy Note 9


Is this even an accident anymore?

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Samsung has published a preorder announcement for the Galaxy Note 9 on its website — but it hasn’t even officially announced the phone yet. The page reads, “Say hello to super power” and invites customers to preorder and be “one of the first to experience it.” The page is still up at the time of writing, as first spotted by VentureBeat’s Evan Blass.

The tech giant has a habit of leaking its own product releases early and this time is no different. The preorder page appears to be part of the newsletter Samsung sends out to customers in New Zealand. If you click on the preorder button, it leads you to an error page, as Note 9 preorders are likely still a few weeks away.

Samsung keeps doing this

The photo confirms what we suspect from the many other leaks we’ve seen of the Note 9. It resembles the Note 8 very closely, with a headphone jack, a USB-C port, dual rear cameras, and a rear fingerprint sensor. We can only see the rear of the phone, pictured in blue, alongside a yellow stylus.

Just a week ago, Samsung leaked a new Galaxy Watch product on its website. While it appeared accidental, as Samsung pulled the listing after a media outlet reported it, this has happened very often to Samsung. In February, the entire launch video for the Samsung Galaxy S9 leaked out, which ran us through all of the phone’s new features, a day before the launch event.

Samsung’s not the only company prone to overzealous promotion of its own products that lead to leaks. Apple once announced the iPhone 7 on Twitter just as the keynote for its event was starting, including precise preorder information and essentially stealing its own thunder.