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The latest Philips Hue lights project color onto the walls around your TV

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Hue Signe lamps

Signify is introducing two new Philips Hue lights today that are designed to project color onto your walls. The first are new Hue Signe lamps that can be easily positioned next to a TV against a wall. These lamps are available in a table version or traditional floor lamp, and will fire colorful light onto nearby walls to create ambient lighting that can brighten up the dark areas near a TV. You can even sync with the Hue Sync app to mirror content from a PC or Mac. Signify is also releasing a new Hue Play light bar that can be positioned horizontally or vertically next to or behind a TV. It’s ideal for ambient lighting, especially if you’ve mounted your TV on a wall as it’s small enough to slot behind.

While you can use either products near TVs, both the Hue Signe lamps and Hue Play light bar seem ideal for anyone who wants to place them near a gaming PC and sync to Razer’s Chroma lighting system or simply mirror the colors from a game into nearby ambient light. While Philips has sold a number of TVs with built-in ambient lighting systems, it’s still difficult to mirror that experience with Hue Sync as it’s only available for Mac or PC. It seems Hue Sync, which can be a little fiddly to setup, will always be limited to Mac or PC, unless Signify creates a HDMI pass-through product to adapt it for TVs.

Hue Play light bar

Still, if you’re looking for some ambient light around or nearby your TV then these new products are designed for that exact purpose. I’ve been trying to replicate Microsoft’s IllumiRoom concept for years with a variety of Hue lights, and these new lamps and light bars will make ambient lighting a lot easier. The Hue Play light bar will be available across Europe and North America in mid-October priced at $69.95 for a single pack, or $129.95 for a double pack. The Hue Signe table lamp light is priced at 169.99 euros, and the floor lamp at 269 euros. Both of the Hue Signe lamps will be available in Europe and North America in September.