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Panasonic updates LX100 advanced compact camera with touchscreen and new sensor

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Panasonic’s Lumix LX100 is a unique compact camera that’s earned a cult following for its comparatively large Micro Four Thirds sensor and fast, versatile lens. It hasn’t been updated since it came out in 2014, but the wait ends today with the announcement of its successor.

The LX100 II has the same 24-75mm-equivalent f/1.7-2.8 lens with nine-blade aperture, and the Micro Four Thirds sensor has been updated to 21.77 total megapixels; that equates to 17-megapixel images when shot in the default 4:3 aspect ratio, which is up from 13 megapixels in the original LX100.

The biggest additions to the external hardware are a slightly redesigned grip and a 3-inch touchscreen, though the camera’s focus on extensive physical controls remains the same. It also now has Bluetooth connectivity for continuous low-power image transfer to smartphones.

The LX100 II isn’t a huge update considering how long it’s taken to appear, but the camera was pretty great in the first place, so it’s good to see the line continue. Its closest competitor is Sony’s excellent RX100 line, which is a little more pocketable but has a smaller sensor and fewer physical controls.

Panasonic is pricing the LX100 II somewhat highly at $999.99 — that’s $100 more than its predecessor launched at, and $400 more than you can find it for today. It’ll be available in October.