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Sony’s new PS4 Cloud Remote can detect and control your TV

Sony’s new PS4 Cloud Remote can detect and control your TV


The programmable device can control your volume and inputs

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Image: Sony

Sony has a new device for controlling media playback and other activities on the PlayStation 4 that aren’t exactly game pad-friendly. Called the PS4 Cloud Remote and developed in partnership with Performance Designed Products, the device is a programmable remote that can detect and control your television. That way, you can change inputs and even turn the volume up and down without having to use a secondary device.

The product is an update to an existing PDP-made remote for the PS4 that appears not to include the TV control or programmable features. With the “cloud” version — that buzzword being used somewhat nebulously here — you can customize the button layout by using the PDP Cloud Remote App for PS4, presumably to make it more compatible with streaming services like Netflix. Similar to the original model, the device connects to the system via Bluetooth.

While Sony is just licensing the remote from PDP, it still has the look of an official PlayStation product, complete with a logo up top and the standard controller buttons arranged into a wheel. You also get dedicated playback controls on the bottom designed to look like standard remote options. The device is up for preorder now on PDP’s website for $30, with a release date of September 1st. It will also be available from GameStop and Amazon, Sony says.