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Acer teases its dual Intel Xeon-powered Predator X desktop for this winter

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Two processors for double the fun

Acer has started to tease its upcoming Predator X gaming desktop at IFA 2018, showing off some early hardware along with some new information about the upcoming tower that looks to bring the power of enterprise-level hardware to gaming.

In person, the Predator X looks like, well, a gaming tower, with the usual assortment of grills, vents, LEDs, and a massive Predator logo on the side. But it’s what’s inside the Predator X that’s far more interesting: two Intel Xeon processors, and up to 12 ECC DIMM slots for RAM. Taken together, that’s a huge amount of firepower that the Predator X will in theory be able to offer.

As for who’d actually want or need that sort of thing? Acer envisions the Predator X as a high-performance machine for users who do a lot rendering, game development, or other multitasking workloads, with a special emphasis on streamers, who often need to run a whole suite of editing and streaming software alongside their games.

Like many of Acer’s announcements this year at IFA, there’s no price, release date, or even any word on what specs the Predator X will offer — although the company is promising that it’ll hit stores this winter.