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Casio’s newest outdoor Wear OS watch is its smallest and longest-lasting one yet

Casio’s newest outdoor Wear OS watch is its smallest and longest-lasting one yet


The WSD-F30 combines Google’s smarts with Casio’s rugged adventure watches

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Image: Casio (via Wearable)

Casio has revealed the WSD-F30 at IFA 2018 as the latest member of its Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch series, which the company has completely redesigned to be less bulky and have a longer battery life.

Casio first entered the smartwatch game with the Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 in 2016. It’s a massive, hiking-focused Wear OS (formerly known as Android Wear) that was followed up by the WSD-F20 in 2017, which added GPS integration and offline maps.

The WSD-F30 keeps all those features in a redesigned case that’s 3.9mm narrower and has slimmer bezels than the WSD-F20. The company has also enhanced the black-and-white screen layer. Instead of only displaying the time, the WSD-F30 can also show sensor data, such as atmospheric pressure and altitude, like other Pro Trek outdoor watches.

Better battery life in a smaller design

There’s also a big emphasis on battery life: a new algorithm has extended the regular Watch OS mode of the WSD-F30 from a day and a half up to three days in a new “Extend Mode” that limits access to offline maps and sensor data. It can also go up to a full month with just the time and sensor data in the monochrome mode. It’s an interesting mix of ideas that blends the more traditional Wear OS functionality with Casio’s own Pro Trek features that work independently of a smartphone.

And like the other Pro Trek Smart Watches, the WSD-F30 features an ultra-rugged design (developed originally for Casio’s G-Shock line) that can survive shocks, drops, and whatever else you throw at it during your outdoor adventures.

The WSD-F30 will come in orange, blue, and black, but there’s no price or release date yet.