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Libratone’s cute Zipp 2 and Zipp Mini 2 speakers come with Alexa

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Image: Libratone

Libratone, the Danish company behind the adorably bright portable speakers like the One Click, has announced sequels to its Zipp wireless speaker and Zipp Mini, and it’s adding Alexa voice support to both. The Zipp 2 has a longer battery life of 12 hours, but aesthetically, it keeps the design the same, with its trademark leather loop that lets you hang the speaker anywhere. This is useful if you’re planning to take the speaker outdoors and you want to hang it on a beach umbrella, your bike, or a tree branch. The round design provides 360-degree audio.

The Zipp 2 connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and it also features AirPlay 2 support so you can have your Siri and HomeKit integration. Spotify Connect, DLNA, 3.5mm mini-jack, and a USB port ensure it can connect with and play just about anything.

The Zipp 2 in black.
Image: Libratone

You can connect up to 10 of them to place around your house, which can be useful if you’re using it as a smart home hub with Alexa. Our deputy editor Thomas Ricker noted that pairing multiple speakers can be finicky with the original Zipp, but hopefully connectivity has been improved with the new model, especially if it’s a smart speaker.

The Zipp 2 and Zipp Mini 2 come in four colors: frosty gray, black, cranberry red, and pine green. The Zipp 2 is priced at £279 and the Zipp Mini 2 is £229. Both will be available on Amazon.