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Polaroid Originals’ newest camera adds Bluetooth to the OneStep 2

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Polaroid Originals

Polaroid Originals is going to keep pumping out cameras, and today the company announced that it already has an update for the OneStep 2. That camera came out last year, and this new edition is being billed as the OneStep+. It includes some new features, like Bluetooth compatibility, two lenses, a new flash, and a bigger battery. All the changes make the camera a little more modern while still holding onto its physical, retro features that make it delightful to use.

The biggest change is the addition of Bluetooth, although photographers can’t transfer their photos digitally. Instead, the Bluetooth allows them to use their phone as a remote. The OneStep+ iOS / Android app includes multiple modes that’ll make it easier for users to set up double exposures or make manual adjustments, including setting the shutter speed and aperture. Again, shooters won’t see a preview of the image, even in double exposure mode, but they’ll be able to trigger the camera remotely.

Polaroid Originals

There’s also a light painting mode that’ll open the shutter and count up to your preferred exposure time, as well as a noise trigger mode that’ll have the camera automatically take a photo when the volume reaches a certain level, which would be good for concerts or parties. There isn’t a microphone inside the camera, but it can pull audio from a user’s phone mic. The app has a bunch of video demos and sample shots to teach users how to take advantage of the Bluetooth functionality.

Meanwhile, the two lenses are designed for either standard or portrait mode, which is ideal for when you’re less than a foot away from a subject. You’ll have to manually change them using a slide at the top of the camera. The bigger battery should allow the camera to stay charged for up to 60 days. It recharges over microUSB and takes about an hour and a half to reach full capacity.

The OneStep+ is now available for $159.99. It relies on either 600 or i-Type Film.

Correction 8/30, 9:28 AM ET: Updated to remove a clause citing Wi-Fi for the reason it cannot transfer photos digitally.