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Sony’s latest speaker is a soccer ball-sized portable party machine with Google Assistant

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The XB501G brings the party (and Google) on the go

Photo: Sony

Sony’s Extra Bass speakers are pretty easy to spot: they’re big speakers with lots of LED lights and flashing strobes, and they’re designed to make your next block party or backyard gathering extra lit. But at IFA 2018, Sony is announcing the XB501G. It puts all that fun into a smaller, roughly soccer ball-sized package that lets you bring the party with you wherever you go.

The XB501G isn’t just about partying, though. It also has Google Assistant built in, essentially making it a larger, better-sounding Google Home (with strobe lights). There’s also the option to sync up a pair, too.

That said, if you do want to party it up (like the overly happy folks in Sony’s PR images), the XB501G can do it. It’s rated IP65 against splashes and dust, has a built-in handle for easy carrying, and offers 16 hours of battery life, plus the signature colorful lights and strobes. There’s even USB-C!

The XB501G is set to release sometime in October for $299.99.

Correction: The XB501G can be synced up for paired mono audio, not stereo as this article originally claimed.