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Lenovo’s latest Yoga laptop is the first with Qualcomm’s new ARM processor and 25-hour battery life

Lenovo’s latest Yoga laptop is the first with Qualcomm’s new ARM processor and 25-hour battery life


A new generation of Windows ARM laptops is here

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Lenovo is announcing a second ARM-powered Windows 10 laptop this week, and this time it’s a Yoga. The Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS (Windows on Snapdragon) is, as you might have guessed, powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 850 processor. It’s the first Windows laptop we’ve seen with the Snapdragon 850, and its a chip that Qualcomm specifically designed for always-connected Windows 10 PCs. This new processor ushers in the latest generation of ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops.

Lenovo’s previous ARM-powered device was a 2-in-1 detachable tablet / laptop hybrid, but the new Yoga C630 is more like a traditional laptop that also flips over to become a tablet in the traditional Yoga style. Because it’s more of a clamshell-like laptop, you also get a polished aluminum design, and the build quality you’d expect from a laptop. Lenovo is equipping the Yoga C630 with a 13.3-inch FHD IPS touchscreen that also supports an optional stylus. There’s 4GB or 8GB of RAM, and 128GB or 256GB of storage. Ports include two USB-C and a headphone jack.

Lenovo is promising 30 percent better performance over its previous Miix 630 Windows on ARM device, and a surprising claim of 25 hours of battery life to match. While the battery life sounds impressive, it’s the performance that will matter in a device like this and we’ll need to test this latest range of ARM-powered laptops to see if app compatibility and performance has improved. Most Windows desktop apps will run emulated on these ARM-powered devices, but there are some limitations. As this is powered by the Snapdragon 850, there’s also built-in LTE support for mobile connectivity on the go.

This certainly looks like one of the more impressive ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops we’ve seen so far. The first few devices ran on the same Snapdragon 835 chip found in Android smartphones from last year, and they showed early promise with some issues that still needed work.

Lenovo’s Yoga C630 will be available in November priced from $849.99.