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Sennheiser introduces its first truly wireless earbuds, and they’re expensive

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Sennheiser entered the truly wireless earbud market today with the debut of its new Momentum earbuds. They’re Bluetooth-enabled, as you’d expect, and are touch sensitive so wearers can access Siri or Google Assistant directly with a tap. They ship with a charging case that’ll power them for at least 12 hours of listening, according to Sennheiser. The case appears to require a USB-C cable. On their own, they have a four-hour battery life. They’ll be released in mid-November for £299.99.

That’s all we know about these buds. They’re clearly at the top of the market in pricing. Even Bose’s SoundSport Free and B&O Play’s E8 cost less, both of which are priced between $250 and $300. Only the Bragi Dash Pro veer into the $300 territory, and those include additional features like activity tracking and live translation. Hopefully Sennheiser adjusts its US pricing to bring it down to its competitors’ price range. Otherwise, these earbuds better be great.