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Samsung made a fast new dual wireless charger that props up your phone

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Samsung has a new dual wireless charger that seems designed for its new Note 9 and Galaxy Watch. The Wireless Charger Duo has two charging pads, with a flat area meant for the new Galaxy smartwatch and a propped up charging spot for keeping a phone display visible during a charge.

Each charging pad has 12W of charging power, so both pads will support fast charging from Samsung or any other phone vendor. Together, the two pads resemble one of Samsung’s propped up charging pads glued together with one of its flat charging pads. While Samsung already sells another dual wireless charger, that one has two flat charging pads. This is the first dual wireless charger that lets you watch shows or check texts while charging your phone, which is more convenient.

The dual wireless charger was announced today at Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event alongside the new smartwatch. But it was first accidentally leaked at an Amazon holiday preview event last week, when it was featured among new products, without a label or name. Astute event attendees were able to spot that the charger looked a lot like the rumored Wireless Charger Duo.

The wireless charger comes in black or white and can be purchased online now for $119.99.

Update August 10th 11:25AM ET: This article has been updated with pricing and availability from Samsung.