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This custom Fallout computer case brings you a piece of the Wasteland

This custom Fallout computer case brings you a piece of the Wasteland


I didn’t know post-apocalyptic ruins cost so much

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Image: NZXT/ Bethesda Softworks

The Fallout franchise is making its next appearance outside of your gaming system — as artwork to decorate your computer case. Gaming hardware maker NZXT will be producing officially licensed Fallout-themed computer cases, starting with the H700 Nuka-Cola. NZXT only made 2,000 of these limited edition cases featuring the game’s most popular soft drink.

Fallout developer Bethesda Softworks describes the case as “a piece of the Wasteland,” and from the rear, it clearly resembles a soft drink vending machine from one of the games. The steel chassis has a tempered glass side panel, a bar to keep your cables in place, and support for AIO coolers. There’s also water-cooling and a perforated metal mesh to keep the airflow going.

The artwork features a war-torn poster of a model drinking Nuka-Cola, the post-apocalyptic soft drink of choice. There are red LEDs inside the case, including a red LED sign for NZXT, and the limited edition set comes with a random bobblehead figurine from Vault-Tec.

Image: NZXT

It should be noted that while NZXT says this is the first of a new line of game-themed chassis, it has pandered to the gaming crowd before with custom cases. There’s the H700 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-themed case that blares the game logo on the side, and even a case with Twitch streamer Ninja’s logo and mascot. Both were announced in May. Unlike Fortnite, which Ninja is known for playing, and PUBG, which have PC fans and console fans, Fallout is a franchise that’s mostly popular with console gamers, so it seems like NZXT is branching out here.

NZXT also made a $50 metal cover for your motherboard, for those who want to complete the Fallout look. That’s coming later this month.

The chassis sells for $299.99, which is rather pricey, and became available for purchase online yesterday in the US. NZXT is more vague about availability in other countries, with the expected date to be sometime this month. Maybe we can expect Vault Boy to appear on an upcoming chassis.