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Here’s an expensive titanium case for your expensive iPhone XS

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‘An object of mystery and power’

Gray’s ‘Alter Ego’ case is available in four different colours.
Credit: Gray

Ultra-premium case manufacturer Gray has turned its attention to the recently announced iPhone XS with a new lineup of titanium phone cases that cost significantly more than the handset itself. The cases range from the grey Alter Ego Titanium which you can get for $1,460, and stretch right through to the pearlescent Alter Ego Aurora which retails for $2,768 — almost double the price of the most expensive 512GB iPhone XS Max.

Although Gray advertises that the case “turns your phone into an object of mystery and power,” in more practical terms the case has an X-shaped design that straps on to the rear of the device, and mainly protects the phone’s four corners with its titanium construction.

For an extra $36, Gray will even engrave your name into the case, which will one day serve to memorialize your questionable life choices.

The iPhone protector even comes with an accessory all its own: a fancy box that you can use to exhibit the Alter Ego when it’s not in use. Sadly the box is “only” made out of aluminum, says its maker, although it’s apparently “aerospace grade” if you’re into that sort of thing.

Gray hasn’t announced whether its ultra-expensive iPhone XS case will be receiving a protective sheath of its own, but after spending this much money you wouldn’t want to risk dropping it.