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Sega pushes Mega Drive Mini global release to 2019

Sega pushes Mega Drive Mini global release to 2019


The Mega Drive Mini will be released in Japan and Europe around the same time the Genesis Mini hits North America

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Sega announced on its Twitter account today that the release of its Mega Drive Mini, a miniature version of its classic console, would be delayed until sometime in 2019. The Mega Drive Mini’s release was originally slated to coincide with the console’s 30th anniversary in Japan, but its global availability was unknown. Now, the company has confirmed that the miniature console will be released as the Mega Drive Mini in Japan and Europe and as the Genesis Mini in North America.

Sega also announced that it was working with a Japanese developer to review the design and software for the console. It’s not clear if this news means that AtGames, the US company behind the poorly reviewed Genesis Flashback console, is still involved in the project as it was originally announced. It seems that AtGames has deleted the original Facebook post from April that announced that the Mega Drive Mini would be powered by its hardware.

atgames might not be involved anymore

The nostalgia for “classic” miniature consoles isn’t ending anytime soon, either: Sony just announced today it’s making its own PlayStation Classic console. The tiny PS1 will come with “20 genre-defining titles,” and it’s set to release this December for $99.99. Also coming this winter is the Sega Mega Drive collection on the Nintendo Switch, and the trailer for it was published today.