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Amazon’s Echo event seems to have lost an iPhone X notch

Amazon’s Echo event seems to have lost an iPhone X notch


Why are Amazon’s iPhones sans notch and where can we get one?

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Photo: Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Amazon hit the tech world with a veritable firehose of new products at its Echo hardware event today, but one device seemingly slipped in under the radar — a new version of Apple’s iPhone X that seems to have ditched the notch for a completely bezel-less display.

Now, obviously this isn’t really a new iPhone — Amazon has just Photoshopped out the notch here, either to better show off the video capabilities of its Fire TV Recast service, or to make it a little less obvious that the device in question is actually an iPhone X. After all, why give a competitor free advertising when you don’t have to?

Still, it does speak to a changing perspective on how tech companies are viewing phone notches. Where the reduced bezel on the iPhone X may have been the darling of the tech world last year, things have advanced fast to the point where companies seem to already view it as an unsightly blemish on their app demos.

Why, even Apple isn’t immune to the notch self-loathing — as Cult of Mac notes, this year’s iPhone XS press images are cleverly shot to completely obscure the notch behind a solid black space wallpaper.

But there is good news: if the future trend of phones is anything to go by, with truly bezel-less phones like the Oppo Find X and upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 on the horizon, we might not have to worry about photoshopping out notches for much longer.