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Sennheiser and Magic Leap are partnering to develop spatial audio products

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Sennheiser is getting involved in the augmented reality space. The headphone and audio gear company announced today that it’s partnering with Magic Leap to develop spacial audio accessories for the AR headset’s platform.

It’s specifically joining the “Works with Magic Leap” certification program, which is basically just Magic Leap’s way of ensuring that accessories and tools work as they’re supposed to when interacting with its headset. Sennheiser also hinted that it might have more news to share during Magic Leap’s LEAP conference taking place in Los Angeles next month. Right now, users can hear audio through the headset’s built-in speakers or via headphones plugged into the headphone jack.

After years of secrecy, Magic Leap unveiled its Magic Leap One Creator Edition — an AR headset designed for developers — last month. While the headset itself is striking and very sci-fi, The Verge’s Adi Robertson wasn’t impressed with the available apps. Still, it’s early days and presumably the tech will only improve from here, especially now that developers can create content for it.