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iOS keyboard cursor now works on all devices running iOS 12

iOS keyboard cursor now works on all devices running iOS 12

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Image: The Verge

One of the iPhone’s most useful 3D Touch features is the ability to turn your keyboard into a trackpad while typing, and with iOS 12, this functionality is coming to handsets without Apple’s pressure-sensitive technology. Mashable notes that you can enable the functionality by long-pressing the keyboard’s space bar at any time, at which point you can use it to easily move your cursor without having to obscure the text with your finger.

Apple introduced 3D Touch with the iPhone 6S, but it has opted to omit it on the cheapest of its 2018 models, the iPhone XR. Shipping a brand-new phone without the technology means that people will need to find alternative ways to access its functionality, and iOS 12 is giving us exactly that.

Does this mean we’re about to witness the death of 3D Touch? Prior to the iPhone XR’s announcement, multiple analysts predicted that Apple would drop the costly feature from at least some of its upcoming phones. It’s still present in this year’s premium phones, the XS and XS Max, but there’s no telling how long that’ll last when these handsets are already equipped with a host of other tempting upgrades, including gorgeous OLED displays.