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Nomad’s latest wireless charger can fast-charge two phones at once

Nomad’s latest wireless charger can fast-charge two phones at once


10W times two

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Image: Nomad

Nomad’s Base Station is a Qi charging pad that’s able to charge two wireless devices simultaneously with enough power to enable fast charging on handsets from Apple, Samsung, LG and others. The pad is also equipped with a pair of USB ports that offer traditional wired charging. That’s four devices charging in parallel for those keeping score.

In terms of total delivery we’re looking at 10W of wireless charging power to each Qi-compatible phone, while the wired ports offer 7.5W through the Type-A connector and 18W via Type-C. The pad is equipped with three wireless charging coils, which should make it not too fussy about phone placement.

October 8th for $99.95

It’s impossible to mention a wireless charging pad these days without the specter of Apple’s AirPower looming (which may or may not have been quietly cancelled due to ongoing issues). With its three-coil design, the Base Station Nomad appears to have struck a compromise between the restrictive charging space of single-coil pads and Apple’s ambitious design said to feature up to 24 coils.

We’ll find out on October 8th when the Base Station starts shipping for $99.95.