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Latest Pixel 3 leak shows camera automatically scanning a business card for details

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Image: MySmartPrice

A leaked promotional video from the Pixel 3 has shown off the phone’s ability to quickly scan an email address from a business card without even having to take a photograph. The video, posted by MySmartPrice, also appears to confirm the return of Active Edge functionality and gesture controls.

This business card scanning functionality is already available as part of Google Lens, where it’s able to create a new contact based on the information on a photograph of a business card. The difference here is that the Pixel 3 appears to be able to scan details using the native camera app without needing to take a photo first and then open your email app directly.

At this point, the sheer quantity of Pixel 3 leaks means that it’s almost harder to list the things we don’t know than the things we do. We’ve seen the design of the phone, its specs, camera samples, charging stand, and even the contents of its retail package. Google will have its work cut out if it wants to deliver any surprises at all at the phone’s official launch on October 9th.