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Sony Japan ends repair services for PlayStation 2 after 18 years

Sony Japan ends repair services for PlayStation 2 after 18 years

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Sony’s Japan division has ceased repairs on the PlayStation 2 console, as reported by Kotaku. Back in late June, the company put out a notice to local PS2 owners with a deadline for requesting one final repair. Customers had until August 31st to fill out an application for after-sales service, and they’ve now got until September 7th to get their devices (and any malfunctioning peripherals) to the PlayStation Clinic repair depot.

Sony’s notice on the termination of PlayStation 2 service has been updated to reflect that applications are no longer being accepted. It’s all over. From here on out, PS2 owners in Japan will have to look elsewhere if they want to fix up the best-selling video game console in history.

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Sony has cautioned that even for customers who followed the outlined procedure, some repairs simply might not be possible due to the dwindling inventory of parts that the company has on hand. The PS2 was released on March 4th, 2000 in Japan, with its US release following several months later in October. So that’s 18 years of repairs. Pretty damn respectable, Sony.

For the rest of us modern day PS4 owners, there’s a scattered list of PS2 games available on the PlayStation Store (and on the company’s PS Now streaming service) — but we still don’t have nearly enough titles from a truly classic gaming machine.