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Nearly a quarter of US households own a smart speaker, according to Nielsen

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Photo: Dan Seifert / The Verge

Smart speaker love is in full effect for US consumers, with 24 percent of US households owning a smart speaker, and 40 percent of those households owning multiple speakers, according to Nielsen’s latest study.

Devices like Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home speaker, and Apple’s HomePod have taken off in recent years, and it seems that trend is continuing, with Nielsen noting that 62 percent of smart speaker owners have purchased their devices in the past six months. Forty-five percent of smart speaker owners are planning to purchase more devices for their home, Nielsen said.

Source: Nielsen

According to the study, most people are using their smart speakers to listen to music, and 68 percent of people chat with their smart speaker “for fun.” Smart speaker usage peaks over the weekend, with an average of 72 minutes of usage per day, and 65 minutes per day during the week.

Earlier this month, Adobe released its own study that showed 32 percent of US consumers had smart speakers, and that number could reach 50 percent before the end of the year. And with Amazon refreshing its entire line of extremely popular Echo speakers last week, we may reach that milestone sooner than we think.