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A Louis Vuitton logo on these earbuds will cost you $700

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Master & Dynamic’s MW07 buds get a pricey new look

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Image: Master & Dynamic

Louis Vuitton announced a “new” pair of truly wireless earbuds — the Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones — that cost $995 and feature the fashion brand’s iconic logo. But despite a new paint job and name, these aren’t new headphones at all; they’re the Master & Dynamic MW07 buds that came out last year. Instead of costing an already-too-expensive $299, you’ll pay an extra $700 for the LV logo, via Hypebeast.

Image: Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic was already angling for the high-fashion end of the market by adding things like an asymmetrical design and unconventional colors that were meant to help the MW07 earbuds stand out from the growing crowd. So a Louis Vuitton collaboration makes sense as the next logical place to take it — logical, that is, until you remember that they cost $700 more than their otherwise identical siblings.

In his review, my colleague Stefan Etienne noted that the MW07s were comfortable and sounded good, but they simply weren’t worth the $299 price tag since there are so many cheaper options out there already, like the $159 AirPods or the $169 Jabra Elite 65t.

Image: Master & Dynamic

Aside from the Louis Vuitton style, the Horizon Earphones appear to be virtually identical to the MW07s, barring a new, circular charging case with LV logos that appeared in FCC filings spotted by Droid-Life back in December.

Louis Vuitton appears to be selling three different colorways of the Horizon earbuds: a black model, a red model, and a black model with blue and orange logos. There hasn’t been a formal announcement yet of when you’ll be able to buy a pair, but supply will likely be limited due to the nature of the fashion brand’s offerings.

Turns out, you can put a price on fashion, and in this case, it’s $700 more than what a pair of already-overpriced headphones costs.