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Dell’s new 75-inch 4K touchscreen for education is meant to replace the blackboard

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Sir, that is a TV

Dell announced a new monitor today: a massive 75-inch, 4K touchscreen panel specifically meant for education purposes as a sort of blackboard of the future — even though it’s basically just a giant 4K TV.

The Dell 75 4K Interactive Touch Monitor (C7520QT), as its officially known, is designed for collaborative work and interactive teaching. The display supports 20-point multi-touch, so that multiple users can work together on a single display, and works with either hands or styluses, which the company says is “compatible with virtually all industry-standard software.” It’s a similar idea to Microsoft’s Surface Hub or Google’s Jamboard, albeit with a greater focus on education and a weaker overall software push from Dell.

The display also has a “Dell Screen Drop” feature, which Dell claims is “the world’s first accessibility feature improving reachability for users working from different heights.” In other words, users can use buttons on the side of the display to easily switch between three different height settings.

The Dell 75 4K Interactive Touch Monitor will be available on April 30th for $5,999.99, and comes with two passive styluses — and even though Dell says that it’s meant for education, odds are it’ll look pretty good if your teacher decides to take a day off and show a movie instead.