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8BitDo is bringing its excellent wireless controllers to the Sega Genesis

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8bitdo Photo: 8BitDo

8BitDo makes some of the best retro gaming accessories around, and now the company is turning its attention toward the Sega Genesis. Today, 8BitDo is announcing a pair of products that should make playing Gunstar Heroes a lot more enjoyable in 2019.

The first is a wireless gamepad called the M30, a Sega-inspired device that features a similar layout and look as the Genesis original but comes with a few modern features. It supports Bluetooth, has built-in home screen and screenshot buttons, and a battery with an estimated 20 hours of life. Like most 8BitDo controllers, it supports a handful of platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Android. The controller is $29.99 and is expected to start shipping on February 28th.

8bitdo Photo: 8BitDo

Now, if you happen to have an original Genesis kicking around, the company is also releasing a new version of its Retro Receiver wireless adapter. Like the previous incarnations for the NES and SNES, the tiny device lets you use a number of different wireless controllers with your old console. That includes every Bluetooth gamepad from 8BitDo, as well as the Xbox One controller, DualShock 4, Switch Pro controller, Wii remote, Wii U Pro controller, and others. The adapter is $19.99 and starts shipping the same day as the M30.

The timing of these releases isn’t a coincidence. In March, 8BitDo sister company Analogue will release the Mega Sg, the latest in its line of high-end aftermarket game consoles. This one is modeled after the Sega Genesis. “There is zero proper way to explore Sega’s history,” Analogue’s Christopher Taber told The Verge when the console was announced, “and it’s time to give Sega their due.”

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