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GE launches color smart bulbs that work directly with Google Home

GE launches color smart bulbs that work directly with Google Home


C by GE line expands outside lighting

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Dorota -

GE announced a few new additions to its C by GE line of smart lights today, with the highlight being its first full-color model. Like the rest of the C by GE line, the color bulb doesn’t require a hub. Instead, it uses Bluetooth and can be controlled directly from your phone. The new bulb is also certified to work with the Google Home, meaning you can control it remotely using Google Assistant.

In addition to the color bulb, GE is also launching the line’s first smart light switch, which is a good move since light switches are still the easiest way to control a light bulb. And GE is expanding the product line somewhat outside of lighting to include a new smart power plug, which will be able to control power to a single device, like a fan or lamp.

The C by GE line is one of the easiest ways to try out smart lighting since it doesn’t require a hub. But it’s been limited by the constraints of Bluetooth. You need to be within range in order to control the lights, so you couldn’t, for instance, turn them off from work if you realized you left all your lights on (unless you bought a separate hub). The Google Home integration fixes that, by allowing the bulbs to connect to the internet so you can monitor them from afar.

The products all launch over the next few months. Pricing hasn’t been announced.