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Anker’s newest Soundcore Rave speakers promise to power your outdoor parties

Anker’s newest Soundcore Rave speakers promise to power your outdoor parties


Anker continues to push further into the home audio and speaker business

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Image: Anker

Anker’s Soundcore brand, which specializes in portable Bluetooth speakers and more recently in home theater products, is announcing a few new devices at CES this year. The first is a new line of portable speakers called the Rave series, which look to be incredibly loud, waterproof and water-resistant models designed for outdoor parties.

The standard Rave is a 160W speaker, with dual two-inch tweeters, two 5.25 woofers, and 24 hours of battery life. It is, however, only IPX4 splash resistant, so you can’t exactly dunk it in a pool and have it come out unscathed. Still, for a speaker that powerful, and with a price point of just under $200, that sounds like a pretty solid deal.

The Rave series seems designed for parties with a loud music requirement

The Rave Mini, on the other hand, is an 80W speaker, with just a single two-inch tweeter, the same woofer setup, and 18 hours of battery life. That model is in fact waterproof, with an IPX7 rating. That means it can be submerged in up to three feet of water for as long as 30 minutes or so. That device will cost $150, and both speakers are scheduled to launch in the summer.

There’s also a couple new small, lightweight models, called the Icon and Icon Mini, that can float in water, come IPX67 rated (for dust resistance in addition to waterproofing), and come with 12 and eight hours of battery life, respectively. The standard Icon will cost $50, while the Mini will cost $30, and both launch sometime in the spring. In an interesting twist, Anker is also launching a Soundcore alarm clock that doubles as a wireless charger, called the Soundcore Wakey, that will cost $100 when it launches this spring.


Image: Anker

As for the Soundcore Infini brand, Anker’s line of soundbars, there’s going to be a new Infini Pro that comes with Dolby Atmos built in. The 120W speaker has two built-in subwoofers, two full-range drivers, and two tweeters Anker says come paired with two bass reflex ports, which is an efficient type of enclosure that helps aid in the handling of low-frequency sounds. The soundbar does not come with voice assistant support, but it has wireless music streaming via Bluetooth 5.0, as well as a number of standard inputs for plugging in external devices.

At $230, the Infini Pro will cost more than double the standard Infini, which was a $100 soundbar geared toward those building out a home theater system on a budget. However, with Atmos support at that kind of price, the Infini Pro could find itself in a unique position as an affordable and capable soundbar compared with higher-priced models from Sonos, Sony, and Vizio.