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Arlo’s ambitious 2019 plans include home security devices, and HomeKit, Zigbee, and Z-Wave support

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Yet another smart home ecosystem

Image: Arlo

Arlo, the smart home company behind numerous security cameras and a doorbell, has announced its ambitious 2019 plans that include a new home security system, a smattering of HomeKit support, and compatibility with Zigbee and Z-Wave networks.

The Arlo Security System features four components a multi-purpose sensor, a siren, a remote control, and a hub, that will integrate with Arlo’s existing lineup of security cameras. Arlo has also announced a new “Works with Arlo” program that will allow third-party Zigee and Z-Wave devices to be controlled via the proprietary Arlo SmartHub. Finally, the company has revealed that two of its cameras will soon be HomeKit-compatible.

From left to right, the Arlo Security System’s Siren, its multi-purpose sensor, and its remote control.
Image: Arlo

The Arlo Security System, is centered around a new multi-purpose sensor that the company claims is capable of sensing doors and windows opening, smoke and carbon monoxide, temperature changes, motion, and even water leaks. This sensor can then push notifications directly to your phone, or else tell an Arlo camera to start recording.

In addition to the sensor, there’s a battery-powered and outdoor-rated Arlo Siren which can raise the alarm using a combination of red strobe lighting and a siren, or attempt to deter thieves by emitting sounds such as a dog’s bark or TV audio. There’s also a remote that can be used to manually control either the system or select third-party devices. Finally, each component communicates via Arlo’s new SmartHub, which was previously announced alongside the Arlo Ultra security camera.

Image: Arlo

Arlo has big plans for this SmartHub. A new “Works with Arlo” ecosystem will allow third-party devices to connect to it and be controlled through the Arlo app. At launch, the hub will support Arlo’s own proprietary ArloRF wireless protocol, but later this year it’s due to be upgraded with support for both ZigBee and Z-Wave, the wireless standards used by the majority of smart home devices. Companies including LIFX, Philips Hue, Sonos, Yale, Bose, Banalock, Jasco, Leviton, and Schlage are already signed up as partners for the new certification, with more promised in time.

However, if the thought of yet another smart home ecosystem fills you with dread, then Arlo has also announced that two of its security cameras will be getting support for Apple’s existing HomeKit standard. The Arlo Ultra, which now has a release date of later this month, and the Arlo Pro 2 will soon be controllable through the Apple Home app, as well as being able to act as triggers for other HomeKit-enabled devices.

Arlo’s home security system and its “Works with Arlo” compatibility program are currently due to launch in the second half of this year. Arlo is yet to announce any pricing for the security system. Meanwhile, HomeKit support for the Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 2 is due to arrive later this quarter via an automatic firmware update.