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Ikea’s Fyrtur smart blinds start to arrive in the US, but only in retail stores

Ikea’s Fyrtur smart blinds start to arrive in the US, but only in retail stores


Online orders aren’t available just yet

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Photo by Thomas Ricker / The Verge

Ikea’s new Fyrtur smart blinds are finally making their way to the US after a delay earlier this year, but they only seem to be available in retail locations for now, with online purchases still listed as “not available.”

As Ikea had announced earlier in the year, the US is only getting the Fyrtur blackout blinds, not the lighter Kadrilj model. Ikea is selling eight sizes of the blinds, ranging from 23 inches wide (for $129) to 48 inches (for $179). As my colleague Thomas Ricker notes in his review, the shades can’t be cut: they’re all 76 3⁄4 inches long, with the maximum length that they unroll to limited by the user as part of the setup process.

While Ikea’s website doesn’t list all the models just yet, Reddit user HomeKit Hero has helpfully compiled a full list of the different sizes, model numbers, and prices for the US versions, listed below:

  • 23×76 3⁄4″ 304.174.60 $129
  • 27×76 3⁄4″ 104.174.61 $139 
  • 30×76 3⁄4″ 904.174.62 $149 
  • 32×76 3⁄4″ 704.174.63 $154 
  • 34×76 3⁄4″ 504.174.64 $159 
  • 36×76 3⁄4″ 204.174.65 $164 
  • 38×76 3⁄4″ 004.174.66 $169 
  • 48×76 3⁄4″ 504.174.59 $179

If you’re interested in picking up a set for yourself, you can check Ikea’s website to see if your local store has any in stock, although some Reddit users have recommended calling the store to ask about the model number directly, as the website doesn’t list all the sizes yet.

According to Thomas, Ikea’s smart blinds are one of the best options around for adding motorized shades to your home, given the relatively low cost compared to other options and simple setup process. That said, there are still some frustrating software quirks, including the lack of promised Alexa and HomeKit support that Ikea still says is coming later this year.