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Bang & Olufsen updates the Beoplay H4 with a new design, USB-C, and voice assistant support

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At the same $300 price

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Bang & Olufsen has a new, second-generation version of its Beoplay H4 headphones out today, offering an improved design, USB-C charging, and support for your phone’s voice assistant through a new dedicated hardware button and extra microphone.

At $300, the original Beoplay H4 were some of the cheapest headphones Bang & Olufsen offered, and the second-generation model maintains that price point as an effective entry-level option for the premium headphone brand. The new H4s are still over-ear headphones, and Bang & Olufsen has streamlined the design to hide the braided cord better and make the aluminum caps more prominent (similar to the style of the company’s pricier headphones).

The physical buttons have also been redesigned (although thankfully, not to the finicky touch gestures found on Bang & Olufsen’s other headphones). There’s now a sliding switch to power the headphones on or off, as well as the aforementioned voice assistant button, which lets you press and hold to activate Siri or Google Assistant through your connected smartphone.

Also new is an additional microphone, which the company says has been “placed at an optimal distance and angle” for improved voice quality. And, perhaps best of all: the second-gen H4 headphones charge over USB-C, not Micro USB. Finally.

The Beoplay H4 second-gen headphones are available today from Bang & Olufsen for $300, the same price as the original model.

Correction, 6:06PM ET: The H4 are over-ear headphones, not on-ear headphones.