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Remember how simple consoles used to be with this original PlayStation teardown

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Nostalgia trip

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Photo: iFixit

The original PlayStation is turning 25 years old, and to celebrate, iFixit is turning its screwdrivers and plastic pry bars to the retro console in one of its signature teardowns. There aren’t too many surprises hiding inside the 25-year-old device, but the teardown is still neat for a couple of reasons.

First off, it’s wild to see just how much more advanced our current consoles are compared to these earlier models. As iFixit points out, the standard, non-Pro PlayStation 4 has 50 times the processing power and 4,000 times more RAM than the original PlayStation — to the point that the original doesn’t even need a fan to cool down the internals.

Photo: iFixit

Beyond the cool factor of seeing the inside of an original PlayStation — which, incidentally, iFixit notes is far easier to crack open than the glued-together modern hardware — it’s also nice to have clean, high-resolution pictures of this hardware, which is a relative rarity given how far digital photography has come in the last two decades.